Build on AlphaDEX

Why not build your own exchange and earn a fee for all orders that get placed through your front-end app?
Find AlphaDEX Component Methods documentation here and tutorials here.
  • Why build on AlphaDEX:
  • AlphaDEX is made for builders
  • As an exchange platform rather than an exchange app, AlphaDEX was conceived as an exchange that will be integrated with other apps. AlphaDEX provides all the functionality you would expect from a modern order book exchange and makes it easy for developers to integrate this functionality in their own apps, whether it is a simple swap widget or a sophisticated trading platform.
  • Benefit from the combined liquidity and volume from various apps
  • Instead of each app building its own exchange and splitting liquidity and trading volume between many exchanges, AlphaDEX allows developers to offer their users the benefit of a highly liquid and efficient exchange whether their app is used by tens or millions of users.
  • Easy access to exchange data
  • Through its REST API AlphaDEX provides developers with a wide variety of options for submitting orders and accessing exchange data and history. The AlphaDEX websocket server provides live price feeds and other exchange information for your app. No direct access to the AlphaDEX smart contract is required.
  • Seamless integration through an SDK
  • To make integration with your app even simpler, AlphaDEX has a javascript SDK (other SDKs to come in future) that allows all the functionality your app requires to interact with the exchange in an easy to install npm package. Submit orders and get live data feeds with no knowledge of APIs or Websockets required.
  • Earn a fee with your app
  • As a platform provider, you can earn a fee every time one of your users trades on AlphaDEX. You can specify the platform fee you want to charge your users and can even have different platform fees for different users. The platform fee maximum is 0.1% and minimum is 0%. If you decide to charge less than the maximum, the savings will be passed back to your users.
  • Interact directly with the AlphaDEX components (smart contracts)
  • As a builder you can interact directly with the AlphaDEX smart contract through a variety of public methods. All these methods were designed with composability in mind and should integrate effortlessly with other Scrypto components following similar principles.

Developer Resources:

  • Find tutorials explaining how to connect to the AlphaDEX SDK in your javascript/typescript app here: Alphadex Tutorials. Note that we are in the process of extending this library and we are also looking for developers to contribute their own tutorials. We would be most interested to hear from you if you are able to contribute a tutorial detailing the integration of other technologies.