Trade on AlphaDEX

  • The advantages of trading on AlphaDEX include:
  • AlphaDEX makes swapping tokens easy.
  • Users can swap between any 2 tokens listed on AlphaDEX. If a direct pair does not exist for the 2 tokens, AlphaDEX will show what intermediate swaps are required to do the swap. The user can also get a quote for the swap before executing, showing what swaps will happen, the expected average price, expected price slippage and cost of each swap.
  • Get paid to provide liquidity on AlphaDEX.
  • Traders can earn fees for providing liquidity on AlphaDEX. You provide liquidity by placing limit orders that are not immediately matched on the order book. When the order is matched with a subsequent order, the liquidity provider will earn a liquidity provider fee of up to 0.35% of the value of the trade.
  • Profit from arbitrage opportunities.
  • With a large number of pairs on the exchange, traders will be able to profit from arbitrage trading opportunities. Arbitrage trading involves profiting from differences in token prices across different pairs on the AlphaDEX exchange or across different exchanges.
  • Set up your own trading platform.
  • Traders can reduce the cost of trading on AlphaDEX by setting up their own platform for submitting trades, thereby saving on the platform fee they would pay if using another platform/app. This is probably more suited for more advanced traders that know how to connect with the AlphaDEX API or directly with the AlphaDEX on-ledger components.